Enhancing natural beauty

one treatment at a time

Tune out the noise, and into your body

Hidden away in Khobar, Beauthentica is the luxury wellness space where you can immerse yourself in the best of beauty.

Our highly trained therapists will guide your body through a sensory experience from top to toe, caring for the health of your nails, body, skin and spirit.

We take wellness seriously, so you can relax

Ancient techniques meet advanced technology

We infuse the wisdom of traditional therapies with the innovation of the newest technologies to modernise the spa experience.

Our superior results are born of the sacred fusion of the best ingredients, finest formulas, and latest tools.

Blending the best of what's come before, with what is yet to come.


Wellness comes first

Whether you need a treatment modified for your sensitive skin type or want a nail design personalised to suit your style, our therapists go the extra mile to brighten your light.

Every woman is beautiful

We believe all women are beautiful. Our cosmeceutical therapies simply enhance the natural beauty you already have within you.

Not all treatments are created equally

From the healing teas and treatments we provide to the luxury fabrics and formulas we utilise, our therapists treat your body to the very best that beauty has to offer.

Results come with consistency

We only use the most potent ingredients, effective technologies applied with proven techniques to care for the body at nature's pace, creating lasting results.


Potent ingredients, Proven methods.